Nike Air Force 1 Low Bling Sea Glass White

Nike Air Force 1 Low Bling Glass White

Nike Air Force 1 Low Bling Sea Glass White Air Force 1 “Bling”, Nike has decided to release another iteration of this sneaker. Due to the overwhelming success witnessed from last year’s pair, Nike is confident enough this year’s pair would be a summer hit.  Women (and men too) undoubtedly love to feel “premium”; we all want to portray ourselves in the best manner. And what better way to do so than with luxurious products and accessories. Hence why the Air Force 1 “Bling” was designed to create a “premium” image of a beloved classic shoe that debuted back in 1982.

However, this particular model is the Retro version which was first produced in 2007. At a quick glance, it looks just like any other Nike Air Force 1s. However, to those who have sharp eyes, you’d catch the minor differences. Like most other Air Force 1s, the upper is made from smooth leather which is covered in “Summit White”. Meanwhile, the Swoosh and Heel Tab are covered in an elephant print texture meant to evoke the image of grandeur. Unlike mainstream AF1 Lows, the tongue is made from nylon sheaths. Below it, the aged midsole comes in a shade of “Sail Cream” meant to offset from the white on top. Onto the highlight of the shoe which are the Jewelry themselves. These are found only on the left pair and comprise 3 designs all featuring the Nike Swoosh. The jewels are Purple, Gold, and Yellow.

The Nike Air Force 1 “Bling” is expected to hit and retailers on September 4th. Expect a retail price of £114

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